An Algerian with reduced mobility, home meal delivery, creates the event (video)

Algeria – An Algerian with reduced mobility exercises as a home meal delivery man ignites social networks. Dzair Daily brings you more details in the following lines.

In fact, having a disability can in no way constitute an obstacle in daily life. Or hinder people from realizing their dream. Indeed, this is the case for Hamza, a young Algerian with reduced mobility who works as a home delivery person. So, if you want to know more, you just have to read the entirety of this new edition of August 22, 2022.

Using his quad, the young Algerian Hamza Rehab always goes to work to accomplish his daily tasks. More motivated than ever, our protagonist had the idea of ​​providing the delivery service to restaurant customers. Because of this, the restaurant owner decided to entrust Hamza with this task.

Since he has been driving his quad since 2010, this has enabled the young man to find a suitable job, on the one hand. And expand the business of the restaurant, on the other hand. Knowing that many customers nowadays use delivery services to avoid leaving their homes.

Hamza Rehab dreams of having his own business

Via a report published on the Facebook page of‘Ennahar, Hamza expressed his motivation and ambition. According to him, the real handicap is the handicap of the brain. Indeed, the young Constantine has made it known that he has never had a feeling of inferiority compared to others. Especially since he has been taking care of his mother and sister for a long time. Moreover, he indicated that he is capable of doing everything for them.

And that’s not all ! In fact Hamza Rehab aims to create its own business. This is a delivery business. To do this, Hamza hopes to be able to benefit from a store, in order to concretize its project on the ground. Moreover, the president of the Communal People’s Assembly promised him to provide him with premises.

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