An abandoned animal the day after the puppy show

“There you go, it didn’t miss! This is how the Facebook publication of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) of Mulhouse – Haute-Alsace begins, posted on Tuesday. In this one, the organization reports the deposit of a puppy at the shelter. A “three-month-old bichon frize bought on Sunday September 25, 2022, abandoned at our house on Monday September 26 at 4 p.m.”, writes the SPA, in reference to the puppy fair which was held last weekend in the capital of Upper Rhine.

A few days earlier, the organization, associated with the town hall, had denounced the holding of the event. “A puppy is not a commodity”, wrote then the city councilor Michèle Lutz. Contacted by 20 minutes, the director of the SPA Georges Azar also recalled a case “happened four years ago”. “A lady had [alors] bought a puppy at 11 a.m. and dropped him off at our house at 4 p.m. »

This time, the owners, “a lady and her daughter” were a little more patient. Not a lot. “Reason given for abandonment: turbulent puppy, untenable in the evening, and, as I am a student, it disturbs me”, writes the Humane Society of Animals. Before asking a question that remains open: “Who is condemnable? »

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