“Am I really in France?”, this Russian student makes fun of restaurants in Nice

A Russian student who now lives in Nice, explored the restaurants of this city on the Côte d’Azur, in a video published on her Youtube channel. The young woman said she was surprised by the lack of French gastronomy…

Elena Boozgel regularly posts videos on Youtube. She tells it her life as a student from Russia in the city of Nice (PACA). Her video published on Friday August 12, 2022, where she goes around the restaurants of Nice, quickly caused controversy…

“Am I really in France?”

Since I am a student from Russia in Nice, I decided to learn to eat like a real Frenchwoman“explains Elena in the preamble to her video. In these images, we can see the polyglot student, tasting a croissant on a plate, before she jokes about the stereotypes that make up French gastronomy. The young woman then decides to go out to her house explore the restaurants of Old Nice, the district where she lives.

Elena Boozgel, unveils a address list, Israeli restaurant, Tunisian, Turkish, Indian, MexicanItalian… The young woman seems dismayed by the lack of typical French bistros. “Am I really in France?”, she wonders. “I’m a bit lost…”, adds the youtuber. “I need your advice guys, tell me which traditional French dish you really cook at home? And which dishes I absolutely have to try in an upcoming video”, she finally concluded.

A video, recovered for political purposes

Watched by more than 500,000 people, this video was quick to react on the web. “Video that will be reuse by Zemmour, “‘in France ?’ Even I, French, I ask myself the question”, netizens comment. The media Westernis directly recovered video for political purposesin order to prove that French gastronomy was tending to disappear in favor of foreign cultures.

In Nice, however, there are many establishments offering French cuisine. Indeed, the formerly Piedmontese city has a culinary heritage common to Italy. It is therefore not uncommon to find many Italian restaurants. The Riviera city is also known for its specialties: socca, zucchini fritters, chard tart, ravioli with stew that locals and tourists can discover in the institutions of Old Nice.

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