Alain Ducasse, the chief president – ​​Liberation

The portrait

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The entrepreneur chef, who multiplies restaurants as well as activities, is a man of power who rubs shoulders with and satisfies rulers and other decision-makers.

He wears power like a jumper and fricassee at will, this happiness of directing, of impelling, of slicing. Alain Ducasse, 66, has built a culinary empire on which the sun rarely sets. He oversees 34 restaurants in nine countries. His estate is studded with around twenty Michelin stars. This makes him a demanding marshal of these lodgings which he visits regularly. He makes no secret of never cooking there. He sets up the projects and flirts with the financiers, supervises the menus and leaves it to his executive chefs to polish the serving hatches. He claims to be a hunter of hats and HRD, a talent scout and aggregator of clerks, happy to promote hard-working people and punish the braggarts and dreamers who indulge in a melancholy not his kind.

Seated in the dining room, Ducasse is content to taste. He is proud of his absolute taste buds on which the memory of the smallest amuse-bouche is engraved like on a hard disk. These days, he admits looking for “the bitter, the acid, the asperities”. He escaped Covid-19 and the ageusia that sometimes accompanies it. He has iron health which he heals herbal. In the evening, whenever he can, this father of four does lean to rest his palate and drain his liver. He sleeps little and wakes up doubts gone and decision made


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