Aklea: your law firm, your trusted partner

PResent throughout the life of a company, the Aklea firm knows how to provide strategic and pragmatic solutions to its clients during their installation, as part of their development and in their daily operational life.

A multidisciplinary team

Since its creation, Aklea has become a first-class firm, which has no less than 9 partners (4 women, 5 men), 20 lawyers and 21 employees.

Very close-knit, the team brings its expertise in different areas of law: competition – distribution – consumption, commercial contracts, compliance, social, IP, IT, GDPR, business law, financing, taxation of heritage companies, environment, renewable energy , real estate and sponsorship. Aklea’s strength is to be able to rely on multidisciplinary teams allowing it to offer its customers a so-called “360” support.

A diversified clientele

Aklea has the chance to work with a diversified French and foreign clientele over the long term (START-UP, SME/ETI, French and international groups, business leaders, investment funds) and in many sectors activities (fintech, insurance, distribution, pharmaceutical industry, agrifood, engineering and consulting, personal services, industry, trade, automotive service, sustainable mobility, ecological and energy transition, health, media, communication, HCR, retail, foodtech, energy, semiconductor real estate, support for oil & gas activities).

Aklea accompanies companies as much as their managers since the creation of a company also represents a life project, in which the questions of heritage, insurance and transmission are all of their importance.

A suitable modus operandi

Aklea works on its clients’ projects in a “project management” format (definition of the roadmap and the desired objective, determination of the strategy and the various challenges, risks, and operational support in the implementation of the project). The philosophy of the firm and the desire of the collective is not only to provide legal advice but also to be operational alongside its clients.

The entrepreneurial approach and project management allow the firm to have both the agility and the codes necessary to intervene with large groups and the expertise applied in a pragmatic way to clients who are starting out and/or who wish to develop their activity. . It is also in this entrepreneurial spirit that the Aklea firm has become a partner of the EM Lyon incubator and supports young school leavers in their professional project (creation of their start-up).

The collective at the heart of the customer relationship

The legal profession is largely individualistic. From its creation, Aklea’s philosophy and objective was to create a real company and not a structure bringing together individuals. Teamwork and the transversal vision proposed by Aklea constitute the bases of its identity. The firm also knows how to surround itself with trusted professionals in other areas of expertise (notaries, genealogists, chartered accountants, crisis management firms, psychologists) which allows it to have a strategic and global vision within the framework handling of cases.

The Law Firm Alliance Network

Present in 18 countries around the world, the Law Firm Alliance network brings together some fifty law firms. Aklea is one of the latter, which allows it to share and benefit from the expertise of its colleagues on foreign legislation. This collaboration is particularly effective and useful for customers who wish to develop and establish themselves abroad.

The network allows the firm’s clients to save time in the implementation process through quick access to knowledge of the legislation and habits and customs of the country concerned, delivered by a trusted professional, while being guaranteed proper follow-up. of the file by Aklea within the framework of the stages of development and establishment abroad.

A transformation of the legal profession

Lawyers have seen their profession evolve significantly in recent years. Legal professionals have to deal with an increasingly complex law with a strong increase in the regulatory aspect at the French, European and international level. It is essential today to have an approach of ultra specialized and personalized services for companies, and to know how to be innovative in the way of apprehending the offers.

Aklea is particularly attentive to the perpetual legislative and societal changes and is able to identify for its clients the subjects of tomorrow and to support them in the changes and mutations to be initiated.

Firm satisfaction

For more than 10 years, Aklea has been able to develop its multidisciplinary and very specialized approach allowing it to develop a relationship of trust with its customers, some of whom have been for many years, with full service offers. Aklea is proud of the bond it has been able to create with its customers, of being able to support them in their development project but also of being able to be present during more difficult times. This personalized support cannot be done without the sense of community that the firm has been able to instil in the teams.

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