Ain. A “fir green” color puppy at birth, a real rarity

Anne Catherine still can’t believe it. When his dog Ora gave birth to a litter of three puppies, the second had a “fir green” color, reinforced by the fact that her coat was wet. “My hands were all green when I took it,” says this breeder of dwarf goats from Montcet, who will soon also start breeding dogs.

“My hands were all green when I took it”

It was November 6th. Around 3 a.m., Ora, the 4-year-old golden retriever, began having contractions and scratching her diaper, a sign that she was about to give birth. “It’s a kind of reflex like digging a nest in the ground,” says Anne.

At 4 o’clock a female came into the world, rather pinkish in color as usual. Then at 5:20 a.m., this curious male almost as green as the meadows surrounding the house. Another female followed around 7 a.m.

Intrigued, the young woman did research on the internet to try to find an explanation for the phenomenon. The stainer is called biliverdin, a green-colored bile pigment that results from the breakdown of hemoglobin. “In fact, this fluid passed from the bile to the placenta and then into the amniotic fluid. So the puppy bathed in it for two months. »

Everything is therefore a story of coloring, not pigmentation, and the phenomenon is obviously temporary. “As the hair grows and the female dog licks her little one, the color will fade. It is already much less green than at birth. »

The pup quickly became a celebrity. “The children are delighted to tell the school that they have a green dog! jokes Anne Catherine. And loved ones parade to the house to admire the curiosity.

What to call him, Hulk, Shrek, Pistachio?

It remained of course to give a name to this puppy like no other. Pistachio? Hulk? Shrek? Everyone went with their own proposal. But in the case of a purebred dog, the rules of the French Book of Origins (LOF) had to be respected. 2022 being a year in “T”, the name had to start with this letter.

And it was on the television side that the inspiration came with the famous little green grass guy from the Cetelem company, which has been appearing in the brand’s advertisements since 2004. The puppy will therefore be called Telem. It will soon have lost its strange color but, for the Catherin family, it will always have a special place.

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