aid to Ukraine in danger?

Elected officials from the left wing of the Democratic Party are asking Joe Biden to review his strategy on Ukraine. In a letter made public on Monday, October 24, thirty elected Democrats from the House of Representatives call on the American president to “redouble diplomatic efforts for a negotiated settlement and a ceasefire, engage in direct talks with Russiaexplore the prospects of a new European security arrangement acceptable to all parties allowing for a sovereign and independent Ukraine “.

No “blank check”

This position remains a minority among elected Democrats, but it could complicate Joe Biden’s task if the Republicans, as the polls predict, win a majority in the lower house of Congress in the November 8 midterm elections. Kevin McCarthy, Republican leader and likely future Speaker of the House of Representatives in the event of a Republican victory, warned last week that there would be no “blank check” to Ukraine if his party won the elections. In the Senate, on the other hand, Republican leader Mitch McConnell has pledged to do even more than Joe Biden for Ukraine and to ” dispatch ” weapons in kyiv, including missiles capable of reaching Russian territory.

The bipartisan consensus between Democrats and Republicans on massive aid to Ukraine could become all the more fragile as public opinion shows signs of weariness. According to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of Republican voters saying the United States is sending too much aid to Ukraine rose from 9% in March to 32% last month. In the Republican camp, two influential voices, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson and former President Donald Trump, believe that aid to Ukraine is a waste of money and openly favor a policy of accommodation with Russia.

New aid package in preparation

US military assistance to Ukraine includes an initial package of $40 billion, approved by the Senate in May by a large majority of both parties, as well as an extension of $11.2 billion that remains to be approved. The Biden administration plans to pass a massive new package of $50 billion before the start of the new term in January 2023. This new package would ensure the continuation of American aid to Ukraine for the year 2023.

While a complete U.S. policy reversal on Ukraine and Russia seems unlikely, Washington’s pressure on Europe to step up its contribution, including taking the lead in financial and humanitarian aid, is likely to continue. ‘intensify. “Our allies need to start solving the problem in their own backyards before asking us for more involvement,” recently affirmed Tim Burchett, an elected Republican from Tennessee, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives.


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