Agde ranked the most gourmet city in France

Smappen, a geomarketing specialist, has published the list of the most gourmet cities, by relating the number of restaurants to the number of inhabitants in each municipality.

The palm in the city of Agde, in the Hérault. Smappen, a Toulouse start-up created in 2018 and specializing in the geodata market thanks to an intelligent platform and the analysis of geographical data, has just published the rather singular list of the most greedy cities in France.

The city of Agde takes first place with 626 restaurants listed, i.e. one restaurant for 46 inhabitants. This makes it the French city with the highest density of restaurants, among cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants.

This award is “an opportunity to see the tourist appeal of French cuisine stand out with a high density of restaurants on the coast in the deep south”, specifies the start-up.

Sète and Carcassonne also well ranked

Other Languedoc towns feature on Smappen’s list. Thus, Sète occupies 13th place, with 419 restaurants and a ratio of one restaurant for 104 inhabitants, Carcassonne is 23rd, with 417 establishments (for a ratio of 1 to 12), Perpignan comes in 34th place, with 934 tables (and a ratio of 1 to 128), Montpellier in 39th place, with 3,300 restaurants (ratio of 1 to 131), while Narbonne is in 48th place, with 407 addresses (ratio of 1 to 136).

According to our colleagues from Letter T, “these results are to be weighted according to seasonality”.

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