After spending her whole life on the streets, a cat discovers life indoors with her 3 kittens

Rebecca had only known the street. But since being sheltered with her litter, she is gradually getting used to life indoors.

Rebecca and her litter of 3 kittens were found in Floridato United States. The 4 felines lived under a pile of old doors. The man who discovered them contacted the shelter AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescuein order to get their help.

Rebecca lived on the streets for a very long time

The shelter had already heard of the cat in question. She had been wandering the streets of the neighborhood for a long time, but no one had yet managed to catch her. “This mom is believed to have been left behind when her humans moved out, and she’s been living in the neighborhood ever since.”, explained the shelter to lovemeow.

If capture attempts had so far failed, the presence of the kittens made the mission all the more important. In order to secure them, Nadiaa volunteer at the shelter, has made it her goal to catch them all.

The whole family was placed in a comfortable home

After lifting the various doors piled up on the ground, Nadia discovered the 3 little ones. She recovered them without difficulty, but the mother’s situation was more complicated. Through a trap Rebecca ended up being captured. “We don’t leave mother cats behind. We found a foster home that was ready to welcome the whole family”, explained the volunteer.

The babies have been named kate, Randy and Kevinin reference to the characters of the series “This is us”.

The kittens adapted quickly, but Rebecca had a harder time

The mother cat seemed delighted to be able to take care of her safe litter. However, she was very fearful and tended to be aggressive with her adoptive family. Over time, the babies have grown and are doing very well. As for Rebecca, she learned to use a litter box and trust her humans. Slowly but surely. She is now assured of always being well nourished and safe.

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