After MoSuke, Mory Sacko unveils two new addresses in Paris!

After making all of Paris gourmet salivate with his first MoSuke establishment, Mory Sacko is doing it again with the announcement of the opening of two new Parisian restaurants! At the time of confinement, the ex-candidate of Top Chef delighted us with MOSUGO, his fried chicken offer. Today, the concept is extended and physically arrives in Paris for our greatest happiness!

Mory Sacko’s latest move

Disappeared from the radar after the deconfinement, MOSUGO was waiting for its big return. Fans of the starred chef’s cuisine can once again rejoice, since he has announced the opening of two restaurants based on the same concept. From this Wednesday, September 7, gourmets can go to Galeries Lafayette Gourmet to treat themselves to the best of Parisian street food in the heart of the department store. And as good news rarely comes alone, know that the second address will arrive in Paris at the end of September, and more precisely rue Raymond Losserand in the 14th arrondissement.

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The undisputed star of the menu, the fried chicken is mastered to perfection by the starred chef and will make your head spin with its taste and texture. We also recommend its burger version, which made the concept successful during confinement. Composed of a very soft pretzel bread, cucumber pickles, and miso mayonnaise, it is accompanied by delicious sweet potato fries and is an absolutely divine meal. To punctuate the experience with a note of sweetness, we will delight in the famous Mobrookie, a surprising combination of brownie and cookie, embellished with a creamy miso caramel.

This is great news for street food lovers, all you have to do is go and taste it!

MOSUGO by Mory Sacko
Galeries Lafayette Gourmet – 37, boulevard Haussmann, 75009 – Opening September 7, 2022
22 rue Raymond Losserand, 75014 – Opening end of September 2022

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