Adorable Cocker Spaniel Puppy Thrown Into Bin After Being Born With Deformed Paw

Winnie is a beautiful cocker spaniel puppy who was found abandoned in a dumpster near the Riverside Leisure Center on Westgate Street in Gloucester, United Kingdom.

When a person went to investigate, they saw the frightened dog, so they decided to ask for help. The kind-hearted person immediately took the dog, which had been dumped in a bin, to a local veterinary center where she contacted the RSPCA for help.

Freya Lamb, animal rescue manager at the RSPCA, told Metro UK:

“A passerby saw someone get out of a white van and throw what he thought was a plastic bag into a pile of rubbish that had been left near the Westgate Park fence. When they went to investigate, they realized it was a puppy that had been cruelly dumped on the garbage heap.”

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cute cocker spaniel thrown in a trash can

Winnie was taken to a rescue center in Cambridge, where she received round-the-clock care from shelter volunteers. RSPCA staff believe Winnie was left for dead due to a deformity in one of her front legs. Haley Medlock, who is part of the rescue center, said:

“Poor Winnie had been cruelly thrown into a dumpster like she was trash. It is absolutely shocking. We believe she was abandoned due to a deformity in one of her front legs which caused her elbow to fuse at an angle, rendering her unable to walk. »

Unfortunately, the cocker spaniel also had a few epileptic seizures, the cause of which is still unknown according to veterinarians. But despite all her health problems and the fact that she has known so much suffering, Winnie is a loving and sweet girl.

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Haley added:

“Her owner may not have been able to afford the veterinary treatment she needed or as a breeder he felt he could not sell her in this condition. Either way, abandoning her and leaving her so distraught is completely unacceptable. »

Ebony Poole, who is part of the rescue center as a foster family, said :

“When she arrived, Winnie’s leg was visibly twisted. Instantly I fell in love with her and knew I wanted to give her a loving foster home to support her through her treatment.”

Shelter staff hope people will take an interest in Winnie’s story, so the little girl can finally find a home eternal where to flourish.

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For now, Winnie still has to undergo more operations to continue her recovery process. X-rays and care for this little dog have already been expensive, and even more funds are needed to continue her physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

the shelter keeps people updated of his health and progress through constant updates on social media and receives donations to help cover medical costs.

As this dog is still very small and vulnerable, she has to wait a little longer for the operations she needs, but for now her caregivers are managing her discomfort and giving her the attention she so badly needs.

Haley clarifies:

“Winnie has a congenital fusion elbow dislocation which means she will need to have her leg amputated before undergoing physiotherapy and hydrotherapy while she adjusts to life on three legs. »

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Winnie loves being around Ebony and has even learned a few new tricks in her foster home. She is a sweet and friendly dog, and everyone hopes she has the best future with a wonderful family once she completes her treatments and procedures.

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