Acquitted of attempted murder of a lawyer

The two individuals who were allegedly hired by a Joliette businessman to kill a lawyer were acquitted on Wednesday of attempted murder, even though they fired four times in his direction.

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“An in-depth analysis of the evidence makes it possible to establish beyond any reasonable doubt that it was the defendants who went to Mr. [Nicholas] Daudelin, “said Judge Stéphane Godri, Wednesday, at the Longueuil courthouse.

“By discharging four shots, one can only establish that the accused knew that [la vie de la victime était] put to danger. Nothing allows me to understand that he hoped for his death, ”he continued, however, in rendering his decision in the case of Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Ndiaye, 42, and Daouda Dieng, 36.

They were acquitted of attempted murder, intimidation and obstruction, but were found guilty of discharging a firearm with intent to endanger life and assault causing death. bodily harm.

Through the front door

The facts date back to the start of the pandemic, March 26, 2020, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

That evening, the two individuals went to Me Daudelin, a civil lawyer, in Montérégie. One then opened fire through his front door, hitting the one-legged lawyer.

According to the theory of the prosecution, it was Jean-François Malo, a real estate developer from Joliette – also accused in this case – who had ordered this attack. At the time, Malo was in a multimillion-dollar dispute with Mouvement Desjardins, which was represented by Nicholas Daudelin.

Jean-Francois Malo

Archival photo

Jean-Francois Malo

Although a relationship was established between the defendants, insufficient evidence did not allow the court to conclude that they had conspired to kill the civilian.

“However, the judge recognized a link [entre les accusés]. They were still found guilty of one count [d’accusation] punishable by 14 years [de prison]one of the most serious leaders [d’accusation] of the Criminal Code,” commented Tian Meng, Crown prosecutor.

Firearm projectiles – the same as those found at the crime scene – were discovered by police, hidden in the ceiling of the apartment of one of the defendants. Also, a glove containing the DNA of Ndiaye and Malo was found there.

Nicholas Daudelin declined our interview request, saying he was not in “the right frame of mind” to comment on the decision.

Jean-François Malo should face justice separately, in 2023.

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