Accused of aggravated rape of boys and young men, a restaurateur from Baden imprisoned

It is the shock in Baden, a small town in the Gulf of Morbihan. A restaurateur was imprisoned in early July for rape and sexual assault on boys and young men.

The information had been circulating for several weeks in the streets of Baden. But it was not until September 14 that the detention in early July of a restaurateur in the town was publicly revealed by Ouest-France.

In the city, this Thursday in September, no one wants to comment on the case.

It was on the morning of July 7 that the gendarmes arrested this restaurant manager, at the head of a bar-restaurant-pizzeria. An arrest following a complaint filed a few days earlier with the gendarmerie.

The 45-year-old man, a local child, is then placed in police custody. On July 9, a judicial investigation was opened by the Vannes court. The suspect is then indicted for aggravated sexual assault and then placed in pre-trial detention.

Since then, the facts have been reclassified as aggravated rapes. It is now a judge from the criminal center of Lorient who is investigating the case. Information confirmed by the public prosecutor.

But on August 16, “the jurisdiction of Vannes has withdrawn in favor of that of Lorient, due to new qualifications, of a criminal nature (aggravated rape)” as Stéphane Kellenberger, the public prosecutor of Lorient, tells us. Facts which therefore fall within the jurisdiction of the Assize Court.

According to our information, at least 8 victims have been identified to date. The facts would concern apprentices and children of the restaurant staff, boys from the small town in the Gulf of Morbihan. The facts would have run over ten years, between 2012 and 2022.

The investigation is still in progress, “charge and discharge” as the public prosecutor reminds us.

She will have to determine if other victims are involved in this case.

The restaurant has been closed since early July.

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