According to this study, cats can understand us when we speak to them with a childish voice

It’s scientifically proven, your cat understands you! To do this, you just need to talk to him in a way that is also used with babies: in a childish way. It would indeed be when you address your pet as a small defenseless thing that he manages to understand you. This is the result of a study conducted by Charlotte de Mouzon, ethologist at the cognition and development ethology laboratory at the University of Nanterre, the conclusions of which were published on October 25 in the journal Pet Cognition.

To obtain this result, the scientists brought together sixteen students from the Maisons-Alfort veterinary school in Val-de-Marne to observe the behavior of their felines. The animals first listened to recordings of strangers talking to them in a banal way and then to recordings of their master speaking to them in a childish, almost gaga way. The conclusion: the cats reacted more to hearing the voice of their owner rather than that of a stranger. For example, they turned their ears and their pupils dilated.

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Cats are only sensitive to the voice of their master or mistress

In the study, a third test was carried out, that of making the cats listen to a recording of a stranger speaking to them in a childish way, as their master might do. “Of the 16 cats in the study, 10 showed decreasing interest when it was a voice other than their owner’s”said the researcher to the Figaro. Like what, even when we have the impression that they don’t care when we talk to them, our cats pay attention to us. For Charlotte de Mouzon, it is also very important to discuss with her feline: “Like dogs, cats seem attached by a special bond to the humans who take care of them on a daily basis”. So take advantage of it and chat with your cat!

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