a young woman must compensate the family of her rapist, whom she killed

“A raped child should never, under any circumstances, owe money to the family of her rapist,” wrote one of her former teachers, Leland Schipper, who opened this kitty. According to her account, and that of local media, the girl had found herself on the streets at the age of 15 and had been taken in by a man who had forced her to have sex with others. . In 2020 in Des Moines, in the northern United States, she had stabbed a thirty-year-old who was paying to rape her, as she related.

$440,000 raised

Initially charged with murder, the girl pleaded guilty to manslaughter and faced 20 years in prison. The police and the prosecutor do not dispute the fact that the minor was the victim of sexual exploitation. On Tuesday, a judge decided to give him “a second chance”, by retaining a suspended prison sentence. Concretely, if she respects the conditions of her release for five years, her record will become empty again.

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