a World Food Program warehouse looted

Anger is not extinguished in Haiti. Violence and looting erupted again on Friday, September 16 in different cities across the country, after the government’s decision to raise fuel prices. Protesters looted a UN World Food Program (WFP) warehouse.

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This warehouse located in Gonaives, the third largest city in the country, contained 1,400 tons of food. He was targeted Thursday by protesters, while anger was expressed in the capital Port-au-Prince and various other provincial towns.

In a statement released on Friday, WFP condemned the attack on its office and the looting of its warehouse in Gonaives, stressing that the food was intended for school meal programs and for the most vulnerable families and children in Haiti, a nation that sinks deeper into crisis every day.

“This incident is simply unacceptable. The looted food was supposed to feed nearly 100,000 school children until the end of the year”deplored Jean-Martin Bauer, director of the WFP in Haiti, quoted by the press release.

A United Nations office also ransacked

Scenes of looting were seen elsewhere in Gonaïves and Saint-Marc, two main towns in the Artibonite department. According to the daily the novelist, the premises of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), several congregational schools, a public university and several businesses were ransacked and looted.

Protests against rising fuel prices turned into mass looting, in Port-au-Prince, September 16, 2022.

The Haitian capital has recorded its fourth consecutive day of violence. Since Tuesday, protesters have attacked businesses and buildings housing public institutions. Thursday, the premises of the National Television of Haiti (TNH) and an office of the National Archives were attacked. Several stores, shops and other businesses were also looted and burned.

Between Wednesday and Thursday, the residences of two close to the government, the lawyer André Michel and the former senator Edmonde Beauzile, were ransacked. The residence of Ricard Pierre, minister of planning and external cooperation of the government, was also attacked. A press release issued by André Michel, one of these victims, confirmed these three attacks.

In a message released on Friday, the UN Secretary General said “concerned about the situation in Haiti”, by the voice of his spokesperson. Antonio Guterres called for calm and utmost restraint, urging “all stakeholders to take immediate action to deescalate the situation, avert violence and allow the Haitian National Police to fulfill its mandate to protect the population”according to this press release.

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