A woman meets 21 French Bulldogs suffering and abandoned (video)

It is a large-scale rescue that took place last summer in the Midwest region of the United States. 21 French Bulldogs, found in life-threatening conditions, will try to get back on the right foot with the help of dedicated humans.

It’s not the kind of story you read every day. A breeder from Midwest recently got overwhelmed by the amount of dogs in her kennel, and was no longer able to take care of them. His illness did not help the situation, reported WTKR News.

We had to act quickly

Marked by deep despair, the woman had posted the following message on the door of her premises: “ take them all “. Informed of the situation, the members of Compassion For Caninesa dog rescue association based in Virginiadecided to shake things up.

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Compassion For Canines/Facebook

They then sent someone there to find out more about the conditions in which the 21 were living. French bulldogs. What this person will discover when entering the kennel will upset them…

The situation was alarming

Left to their own devices, the dogs lived on top of each other, and were not in great shape. Many of them had lost their hair, and the unsanitary conditions had also caused them some eye problems.

After buying a van and several cages, the woman who had gone to the Midwest took all the dogs to the shelter of Compassion for Canines. The volunteers were not going to be bored, because handing over all the French bulldogs on foot was going to take them a long time.

On the road to recovery

In partnership with the clinic Animal Vision Center, some dogs have been cured of their ocular pathologies. All of them have undergone a complete veterinary examination (vaccination, sterilization, etc.) during their stay with the host family.

Once in better health, the survivors were able to be offered for adoption and start off on the right foot. This new beginning would not have been possible without the help of the good Samaritans of Compassion For Canineswho can also count on donations to sustain their good deeds.

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