a woman horrified by what she discovers in her chicken!

After buying a chicken at Lidl, a young woman makes such a horrifying discovery that she becomes a vegetarian!

After buying a chicken at Lidl, a young woman makes a horrible discovery! In shock, she has since become a vegetarian!

A Lidl chicken more “whole” than expected

At the moment, more and more Internet users are complaining about certain finds in their dishes. Whether in the restaurant or in prepared dishes, we have read and heard everything.

Today, the Lidl brand is in the client’s collimator ! And for good reason…

Mercedes Checkley, a 25-year-old woman from North London, tells us her story! If you’re eating, stop before you continue reading…

One Sunday, Mercedes offered to cook a roast chicken for dinner for her friends. As usual, she goes to buy the necessary ingredients at Lidl, including the whole chicken prepared and ready to bake.

When she gets home, she puts the chicken she bought straight into the oven. According to the instructions, it had to be left in the cooking bag provided, so she could not anticipate her famous discovery.

As she sits down to eat, she says: My roommate heard me make a weird noise and she knew something was wrong. » Shock!

This is when Mercedes discover a real chicken leg right in the middle of the roasted piece. ” I think I was in shock. At first it was disbelief! I thought it was almost funny because I was in shock, but then reality set in and I almost passed out. I was physically sick! » she explains during an interview with Metro.

The young woman never wants to eat meat again and becomes a vegetarian

Unsurprisingly, Mercedes is in shock to have found a piece not at all edible in his chicken. At the time, seeing a chicken leg in his dish totally cut his appetite.

But that’s not all ! It caused him real trauma.

She also confessed: “JI haven’t eaten meat since. Now meat really puts me off, I will absolutely never eat it again. »

However, roast chicken has always been his favorite dish. Indeed, she explains that it was one of my safe meals as I have an intestinal disease so this incident has created a fear of meat and I’m quite limited with what I can eat without consequence.

The young woman thus swore never to touch it again and became a vegetarian since this horrible discovery… Mercedes Checkley also filed a official complaint to the Lidl brand.

A manager of the sign took the floor and responded in a press release: “ We are truly sorry to hear of this matter, as we never intend for a customer to be dissatisfied in any way. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the fresh meat we offer is of the highest possible quality for our customers. »

Disappointed that the standards set by the brand are not being met and causing harm to the consumer, he continues “ Following contact with our customer service team, the matter was escalated to our QA department and supplier for further investigation. We are in direct contact with the client and will therefore keep him informed of the final result. »

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