A veterinarian reveals the 5 dog breeds he recommends

This is obviously the fashion among veterinarians present on TikTok. For the past few weeks, these veterinarians have been speaking out in popular videos to talk about the best and worst breeds of dogs and cats according to them.

This time, it’s Ben Simpson-Vernon who takes the floor to talk about his favorite dog breeds. A subjective opinion of course. Recently, he had already given the worst cat breeds according to his professional experience.

Here is his ranking of his favorite dog breeds:

The Greyhound

The long, slender greyhound “may not look very cuddly,” Simpson-Vernon admits, “but overall they’re really sweet dogs, and there are so many that need some cuddling.” a home when they retire. The veterinarian also specifies that these are dogs that like to run and have fragile teeth. Two criteria to take into account before an adoption.

The Border Terrier

“In my experience, Border Terriers are quite affectionate little dogs,” he says, and especially dogs with affection to spare. They are also healthy doggies, which is a plus.

The Hungarian Wirehaired Pointer

Although he needs long walks, the Hungarian Wirehaired Pointer is a golden dog according to the veterinarian who nevertheless admits that he is not very common. He is also a balanced, intelligent dog with a lively temperament.


This is a choice that will not surprise anyone because Labradors are often presented as “ideal” dogs. “I just think they are amazing family dogs. They are sweet, affectionate, loyal, funny,” explains Dr. Ben Simpson-Vernon, visibly conquered. He notes, however, that Labradors often have eye problems, as well as weight issues.

Dogs without breed

The number 1 choice of the veterinarian is the so-called “mongrel” dog, that is to say a dog crossed in breeds are not always identifiable. These dogs are generally much more hardy thanks to diverse genetics. On the character side, there is a bit of everything. It is therefore advisable to inquire beforehand in order to determine what will be the character of your dog and his needs.

Below you can check out the full video. Remember that you should not embark on an adoption if the project has not been carefully considered upstream. It is a commitment for life.

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