a truck full of vibrators blocks the highway

These images have made the rounds of social networks and American media. On Wednesday, September 14, a traffic accident took place in the United States on a highway. A truck overturned on its side, leaving much of its cargo toppling over. The truck was carrying vibrators and lubricants.

It was not an accident like any other and fortunately no one was injured. After the accident, the truck, obliquely on the three lanes, blocked traffic. The image is as impressive as it is unusual. The vehicle is completely overturned and we guess, for several tens of meters, a crowd of cardboard, mostly open and their contents on the road.

This famous content, which has earned so much media coverage for this accident, is a model of a pink vibrator. The Vice journalists even found the model of vibrators, brand “Adam & Eve”, the “G-spot touch finger vibrator”, as well as its price: 39.95 dollars. A real fortune spread out on the road.

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