a subcontractor at the heart of the biggest US Navy scandal on the run

$500,000 bribes

Mr Francis pleaded guilty in 2015 to offering some $500,000 in bribes to naval officers to direct official work to his shipyards, at a Singapore-based company. Work done on US ships was reportedly overcharged to the Navy by $35 million.

Officers were dispatched to his San Diego residence on Sunday after the agency monitoring his anklet reported a problem with the device, Castillo said. “When they arrived, they noticed that there was no one there and that the house was empty. They then informed the US Marshals who went to his accommodation and verified that he was no longer there. At the moment, several avenues are being studied.

Health issues and moving

The San Diego Union-Tribune, a local daily, reported that the severed GPS bracelet was found in the home, while neighbors reported seeing moving trucks coming and going through the property in the days leading up to the escape.

Leonard Francis was arrested in 2013 and pleaded guilty two years later. He suffered from numerous health issues, including kidney cancer, which led to him being placed under house arrest in 2018 while acting as a cooperating witness for federal prosecutors.

He was due to be sentenced on September 22.

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