a student would have killed his mother to collect an inheritance of 11 million dollars

The 25-year-old suspect pleaded guilty at the start of his trial a few days ago in New York.

In his murderous delirium, he left many clues which facilitated the task of the police. A 25-year-old man, a student in New York (United States), is accused of having killed his 65-year-old mother in 2019, then of having tried to make the body disappear with the complicity of two friends, the all with the aim of receiving a large inheritance estimated at 11 million dollars (about 11.1 million euros).

He contacts lawyers specializing in inheritance matters

As explained by the New York Post, the facts would have occurred on January 31, 2019 in the apartment where the mother and her son lived. During an argument, the latter would have violently struck his mother on the head and would have cut her throat. He then allegedly attempted to clean the apartment with his 18-year-old girlfriend and then to dispose of the body.

He would have moved his mother’s body to an apartment in New Jersey, using her vehicle! However, he would have contented himself with putting it in a trash can, with the help of another accomplice. In the following days, the unworthy son reportedly accessed his victim’s bank accounts and contacted estate lawyers to find out how he could get the $ 11 million inheritance from the fortune as soon as possible. from his mother.

overwhelming evidence

Alerted to the disappearance of the sexagenarian by her other son, the police did not however take long to trace the trail leading to the alleged murderer. On February 5, 2019, a week after the murder, the police found the decomposing corpse in the trash of the New Jersey apartment. Other damning evidence, including latex gloves stained with blood, were also discovered at the scene of the crime.

By searching the suspect’s internet history, the police also discovered that he had carried out several searches to find out how to get rid of a body! All these elements obviously led to the indictment of the young man, whose trial began on September 16. The accused, who pleaded guilty, faces a sentence ranging from 18 years in prison to life imprisonment. The verdict should be handed down on October 18.

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