A “strong and unique” relationship unites Canada and the United States: Trudeau

AA / Montreal / Hatem Kattou

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken highlighted “the strength and uniqueness of the relationship” between the two countries.

This is what emerges from a press release posted on Friday on the official website of the Canadian Prime Minister, who had received the head of American diplomacy the day before, who is on a two-day visit to Canada.

The two leaders also highlighted the “willingness of their respective governments to promote bilateral cooperation within the framework of the Roadmap for a Renewed United States-Canada Partnership”.

Trudeau and Blinken agreed to “continue to work together to address a range of bilateral and cross-border issues, including the current backlog in processing NEXUS and FAST applications, and to strengthen our North American economy.” common”.

They also stressed “the importance of working together to improve energy security and increase the resilience of the supply chain”, reaffirming “the commitments of their governments to collaborate in the Arctic and to defend the northern continent”. -American”.

On another level, Trudeau and Blinken exchanged “their points of view on a series of topical issues that affect the world, in particular the situation in Haiti and Iran as well as our mutual commitments in the Indo-Pacific region”, continues the same text.

They also reiterated their “mutual willingness to continue to support Ukraine and to work with a wide range of partners to mitigate the consequences of Russia’s unlawful and unjustifiable aggression”.
Justin Trudeau, in context, referred to “the importance of maintaining strong unity among allies and continuing to impose heavy costs on Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine and the flagrant escalations that followed”.

It should be noted that this is the first official visit by the US Secretary of State since his appointment to Canada, a country with which the United States shares the longest land borders in the world, just under nine. ille kilometres.

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