A stolen cat outside its owner’s shop was returned under media pressure

For more than a week, Boka, the grocery store manager’s cat, was nowhere to be found.

July 29, Abdulmajeed Albari, the manager of a New York grocery store, announced that his cat had been kidnapped. The feline, which spends its days with its owner, was very well known to small business customers. His disappearance moved them very much and the case of boka was highly publicized.

A CCTV camera recorded the moment Boka was abducted

boka is a cat who spends his time observing passers-by, comfortably installed in his basket in front of the door of the grocery store. Regularly, he also walks in the surrounding streets. One day, during one of his walks, a stranger kidnapped him. The owner of the feline had seen nothing of the events, but on the recordings of the surveillance cameras, the scene leaves no doubt.

Illustration of the article: A stolen cat in front of its owner's shop was returned under media pressure

© kediboka / Instagram

On the images, we discover a man who goes back and forth in front of the business, and who slowly approaches boka then grabs him and quickly walks away with him.

The kidnapper caved under media pressure

The owner of boka shared the surveillance footage on social media. The face of the kidnapper was easily recognizable there. This kidnapping was then reported by the media, in particular by CBS news.

A few days later, on August 6, Abdulmajeed announced good news. “Boka is back. Thank you to everyone who helped us and shared the story. We couldn’t have done it without you“, he wrote, accompanying his text with a nice photo of the safe and sound feline.

boka was indeed redeposited at the grocery store through a contact of the kidnapper, as related Eater New York. The latter would have explained his gesture by saying that he was worried for the safety of the cat, having the impression that his owner was neglecting him. Statements immediately denied by Abdulmajeedwho does not hesitate to say boka that it is “everyone”.

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