A shivering dog managed to get into a car to shelter from the rain

It was very cold that day: No animal should be subjected to the harsh life of the streets, where it has nowhere to shelter, let alone find something nutritious to eat, because it ends up by rummaging through garbage, attracted by the smell of leftovers.

In this situation, the animals are doing everything they can to survive, because they know that they are only depending on themselves against all the adversity that comes their way. This is how they manage to find shelter and a place to sleep, because a roof over their heads is extremely important, especially in bad weather.

A shivering dog managed to get into a car to shelter from the rain

Some foursome friends paws do amazing things to get a little help, like this little dog that climbed into a man’s car without him noticing. It was raining and the canine managed to squeeze into the driver’s seat after he got out of the car for a while.

As you can see in the video that Camilo Alberto shared on his account on the TikTok social network, we can see how, on a rainy day, he had left the vehicle with which he works as an electrician. When he came back, this little dog was shivering with cold.

“I don’t know how he got on”, wrote Camilo in the postwhich quickly went viral.

After this scene, which took place in Chile, became so popular, many people began to wonder what happened to the dog, which was apparently a stray. However, Camilo later clarified that it was a canine that had strayed from his house and slipped into his vehicle.

Many were satisfied with the explanation given by Camilo, but others wanted to know more about the canine, because it was worrying to see him being so cold and getting wet from the rain, especially in this winter season.

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