A senior dog teaches the simple pleasures of life to her youngest, and offers an emotional moment (video)

The years of old age of a dog are never easy to live, both for the animal and for its master. Sasha, a 16-year-old Labrador Retriever, fortunately has a devoted owner, who allowed her to enjoy Skyla’s company. The 10-month-old Golden Retriever is having a wonderful time with an outstanding mentor.

Megan is the happy mistress of Sasha for fifteen years. Saddened to see his sunbeam grow weaker over time, she decided to adopt a young puppy named Skylain an attempt to brighten up their daily lives.

2 inseparable hairballs

Sasha and her little sister quickly fell in love with each other. The Labrador Retrievers in the sandy dress taught the basics of life to his youngest, anxious to leave his mistress in good hands when it is time for her to bow out.

Recently, in a video published on TikTokwe can see the 2 quadrupeds settle on the doorstep, and admire the birds flying in the sky. Sasha keep company with a little Golden retriever very intrigued by the spectacle which is offered to her, as reported by the newspaper Newsweek.


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This precious moment exudes a lot of serenity, and it has touched the hearts of thousands of Internet users on the social network. Megan qualified Sasha of ” best teacher possible for his young dog, while a commentator describes this scene as being “ the most cute she had ever seen.

Sasha is a ball of fur full of wisdom and benevolence, who makes the perfect mentor for the little one Skyla. With an aura like his, it is certain that the Golden retriever will know how to give as much love as his eldest to Megan

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