A second union at Apple in the United States

Oklahoma City becomes the second city in the United States where Apple employees vote for the creation of a union, while the digital giant has no less than 270 stores in the United States, reports the New York Times.

What might seem like a tiny step, announced on Friday (October 14th) by the federal agency responsible for monitoring the proper conduct of union elections in the country, means that the first victory at the Apple Store in Towson, Maryland, in June , “was not an isolated event in a union battle that began last year”, notes the New York daily.

They were 56 to vote for (and 32 against) the creation of a union CWA (Communications Workers of America, the first union in the United States) last week in this store of the capital of the State of Oklahoma , raise it washington post.

Unions boosted by the crisis

This vote is part of a more general framework in the United States, where, “after the turmoil of Covid-19 and the current inflation and cost of living crisis, workers are increasingly mobilizing to demand better wages and benefits and greater job security,” underlines the daily newspaper of the federal capital.

In New York, in the spring, “a first Amazon warehouse voted in favor of forming a union”. In the country, “dozens of Starbucks coffees” followed this year. In June, workers at an Apple store in suburban Baltimore were “the first of the tech giant’s retail stores in the United States to unionize”, remind him Washington Post.

apple led “an aggressive anti-union campaign” in Oklahoma City, according to Sara Steffens, CWA’s general secretary, reports the New York Times. She adds :

“Apple retail workers across the country will continue to organize, especially after this momentous victory.”

The union campaign at Apple was born last year, when employees protested against the return to the office imposed by management. The grumbling turned into “expanded campaign”, called #AppleToo (in reference to the #MeToo movement), which “aimed to shed light on various issues in the workplace, including harassment and pay disparity.”

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