A restaurateur from Perpignan pays for two cat-headed robots to serve bottles of wine to customers

Manufactured at Le Bourget by the Urobot company, two of these small high-tech jewels, whose cost is around 10,000 euros each, were acquired three months ago by Xia, the owner of a large buffet open since last summer, in Perpignan.

Established since last July on avenue du Languedoc, in the North Polygon over an area of ​​more than 1,000 m², the Saveur D’étoile buffet restaurant, run by Xia, of Chinese origin, was equipped, shortly after its installation, with two ultra-design and high-tech server robots. “But, contrary to what one might think, they weren’t made in Asia,” says Wu, one of Xia’s assistants.

Indeed, these funny machines with a cat’s head were designed by the company Urobot, at Le Bourget, focused on the future of service delivery professions. A tool that is displayed at prices varying between 10 and 16,000 euros each, for a displayed life of 73,000 km.

“Xia bought them to bring to their table the bottles ordered by customers, confides Wu. The robots are equipped with two shelves that can support a total weight of 40 kilos.”

Urobot measures 1.30 m, weighs 55 kg, can carry up to 40 kg and live at least up to 75,000 km!
Nicolas Parent – Nicolas Parent

3 cameras, 1.30 m high and 55 kilos

Equipped with state-of-the-art software and 3 cameras placed on the neck and under the chassis detecting, among other things, the numbers of the tables to be cleared, Urobot 1 and 2 move by sliding, sometimes to music. They even know how to slalom between the obstacles encountered and stop gently once they reach their destination.

“As they are quite small – 1.30 m and each weighing 55 kg – the children are crazy about them, continues the young man. This summer we had a lot of families and each time the kids wanted to touch them, talk, even play with them. them. One day a little one ran after one of them and bumped into it. Luckily he was not injured, but all the glass bottles the robot was carrying fell and exploded.” says Wu.

The first store in Perpignan to have called on the Bourgetine company, Saveur D’étoile has somewhat created a buzz on the web. “When customers discover our Urobots, they machine-gun them and then post photos and comments on social networks. We’re not going to complain: it gives us a lot of publicity…” rejoices Wu.


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