A resident of Reims selected for the Mondial de foot-golf in the United States

The Football-Golf World Cup will take place in mid-2023 in the United States. Corentin Coirnot, 26, recently discovered this little-known sport. His good results allowed him to be selected to join the France team.

That’s what we call a meteoric progression. Corentin Coirnot discovered foot-golf only three years ago and in a few months, this 26-year-old athlete from Reims will be one of those who will represent France at the World Cup in the discipline which will take place in the United States. United.

Foot-golf is a recent discipline. It is played on a golf course but the competitors do not have a club, tee and small ball at their disposal. They play with a soccer ball and their feet. The objective remains the same: to succeed in as few strokes as possible to reach the holes of the course.

The hole is of course larger than for classic golf and is 58 centimeters in diameter. But if we compare the size of the football and that of the golf ball, we keep the same proportions. To discover in pictures what foot-golf looks like, we invite you to discover below a report from France 3 Bourgogne devoted to the discipline.

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We tested foot-golf

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Corentin Coirnot discovered this sport in 2019. “I immediately hooked”, he tells us. The young man had never played golf. “I come from football. I quit because of all the problems there were. Football still has a special mentality and I wanted to do something much cooler.”

He appreciates the very different atmosphere of his discipline. “There is no headache, it’s a really good atmosphere and we have fun”. However, playing on golf courses imposes a certain etiquette. “We have a special outfit and the golf courses are very keen that we respect the dress code, namely high socks, Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt.”

We have a special outfit and the golf courses are very keen that we respect the dress code, namely high socks, Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt.

Corentin Coirnot

football player

“In financial terms, it’s also close to golf, adds Corentin Coirnot. It’s a sport that is very expensive but when you love you don’t count!” He has also launched an online kitty to help finance his trip to the United States next year. For the ten days of competition, he needs 3 000 to 4 000 euros.

A policeman by profession and assigned to the Paris region, he trains as soon as he can in Reims, where he is from. It was within the Reims Champagne Crew Footgolf that he discovered the discipline and he has remained faithful to it. “Our club is the reigning three-time French champion, we also won the Coupe de France in 2019. So clearly, we are one of the biggest clubs in France.”

Monday, October 17, it was by a phone call that he learned of his selection for the World Cup. His good results in the last competitions gave him hope for a selection, but this confirmation delighted him. “I think I have the qualities required to humbly represent the French team, he confides. It’s also the culmination of a lot of work because we train all year round, we do more than twenty competitions a year. After three years, it’s a satisfaction.”

He is not the only one within his club to be selected for the World Cup. David Mercier, Michael Carozzi, Christophe Delissus and Florian Warsemann are also on the list of retained for Orlando. At the World Cup, Corentin Coirnot intends to participate in both singles and doubles. “Clearly, I’m more into competing in doubles. Playing for your partner, it pushes us to play well, it pushes us to our limits.”

France is the title holder of the competition, it won in 2018 in Marrakech in Morocco. “The goal is clearly to be world champion again. We really have a high quality French workforce”. 40 countries and a thousand players are to compete from May 27 to June 6, 2023, in Orlando, Florida.

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