a relationship of trust is established and then he moves in with her

Kista did not particularly appreciate the company of felines until then. But the look of this street tomcat deeply upset him. She therefore wanted to reach out to him and avoid him at all costs from suffering the living conditions of stray cats. Today they are best friends.

Krista went regularly to her boyfriend who lived in an outlying part of town.

She frequently saw a black and white cat on the porch of the house. She explained on HerCapus that the latter was very small and thin, but that she initially believed that it belonged to neighbors.

“I said hello to my furry friend and went on with my life”she added.

But the more time passed, the more Kista was thinking of the feline she affectionately named cow in reference to its cow-like coat.

She was indeed eager to find her companion, but also to make sure that her little protege was well.

She left him quality food and a bowl of water so that he didn’t miss anything.

The 4 seasons have thus passed. Krista was heartbroken to see that cow endured the harshness of the climate, both the arid heat of summer and the cold in winter.


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“He became more and more affectionate”

It was obvious that a strong bond had developed between them and Krista already considered him his faithful 4-legged companion.

So she decided to capture him to give him a real home.

“What I thought was an overnight operation turned into a 2 week process”said the young woman.

In effect, cow remained fearful of being caught. Krista had to use several subterfuges before he finally let himself be convinced by his benevolence.

She first tried to grab it with a napkin, then opted for delicacies arranged in a transport crate and finally used a cage-trap, in vain.

“He was too smart to fall for the trap”joked Krista.


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The young woman therefore slept outside with her little protege to show him that she would always be there for him. cow let himself be touched by this proof of love.

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The duo therefore left for the apartment of Krista who had prepared a cozy corner for him. She then took him to the vet to make sure he had no owners and was healthy.

Apart from a few fleas here and there that were quickly eradicated, the young 2-year-old tomcat was doing wonderfully. He quickly adapted to this comfortable life and made his mistress happy.

Since, cow and Krista live happily ever after.


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