A rabid Husky bit several people in a shelter in Essonne

Illustration – The animal died on Tuesday October 25, 2022 in Essonne. (© Adobe Stock)

In a press release dated Thursday, October 27, 2022 and viewed by Essonne newsthe Government reveals to have been confirmed by thePastor Institute a case of canine rabies in Essonne.

Held in a shelterEvry-Courcouronnesthe 4-year-old Husky cross-type dog bit several people.

First signs from October 19

The health authorities had received, on Tuesday 25, a report of suspicion in a dog, which had developed first signs on the 19th, before dying on the 25th.

of the first positive results were then obtained the following day by the rabies center of the Institut Pasteur, before being confirmed on the 27th by the national reference center for rabies.

“Given the incubation period, the dog had necessarily contracted rabies before arriving at the shelter”, specifies the press release, which adds that during the period of contagiousness the animal remained “alone in its box or in a relaxation yard”.

A dog illegally imported from Morocco

The ARS has also carried out investigations to identify people potentially exposed to the dog during its period of contagiousness (October 5 to 25). The bitten individuals were taken care of by the rabies center of the Institut Pasteur, from the 26th.

The press release also reveals that the investigations, still in progress, indicate that the dog could have been illegally imported from Morocco.

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The statement concludes by recalling that rabies is deadly if not treated in timeand that France is officially free of rabies (excluding bats).

Any people who would have visited the shelter, located 1 rue des Paveurs in Évry-Courcouronnes, between October 4 and 25, 2022, who would have been in direct contact with the animal, and who would not have been contacted by the ARS, are invited to contact 0 800 811 411

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