A puppy smiles at everyone who passes by in hopes of finding a home

At the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana shelter, director Courtney Wingate was at local animal control and came across three puppies from a kennel. She knew she wanted to change the fate of these dogs, she could not leave them behind. She was constantly thinking about them and what she could do.

Her feeling grew stronger when one of them gave her a beautiful, broad smile. So Courtney decided to call a shelter volunteer, Sarrah Walton, who quickly showed up and picked up the puppies she estimated to be 8 weeks old.

© Facebook/Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

This puppy smiles at people passing by the shelter.

When it came to naming the puppies they were very creative and chose the names of some players from a football team (LSU TIGERS) and they are: Joe, Burreaux and O.

Then necessary and routine examinations were carried out to check the health status of the puppies and they all did very well.

The puppy who stood out the most is Burreaux, the dog who always displays his beautiful smile. Unfortunately, he fell ill and had to be taken to an animal hospital where he recovered without difficulty. Later, he returned to the rescue center where he continued to show his smile to any visitor who would pay attention.

© Facebook/Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Courtney commented to The Dodo:

“If you speak to him with love, he will give you his tender smile and seduce you. It is as if he were saying: “Come here, come closer, please, caress me, give me your love”.

When all the puppies were put up for adoption, the first to be adopted was Joe, thanks to a few videos shared on social media. Taking up this idea, they decided to do the same with Burreaux, so that he can show his smile even more and arouse the curiosity of potential adopters.

Sarrah commented:

“The whole litter of puppies are adorable, all three have something special, together they learned to play and fetch. »

© Facebook/Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

After posting the video, to everyone’s surprise, it went viral. Indeed, it has been viewed over 40,000 times, but sadly, Burreaux and his sister are still looking for a forever home. However, the positive point is that they were rescued from the previous shelter where they were perhaps going to be euthanized.

Despite everything, they still hope that their luck will turn. All these puppies need is someone to love and care for them forever.

Here is the adorable video of the smiling puppy:

This story has a good side and a bad side. The good news is that the dogs are safe and will be protected until they find a master. On the other hand, the negative point is that we do not know when this moment will come. Hopefully it will be soon and they can finally experience the love of a family.

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