A puppy breeder with special methods

Upon her return, she discovers that the health of her puppy, apathetic since her departure, is rapidly deteriorating. I took him urgently on Sunday to the vet.she recalls. : “Ton chien est en train de mourir”,”text”:”Elle m’a dit: “Ton chien est en train de mourir”}}”>She said, “Your dog is dying.

Mélanie Bérubé, owner of a Labrador dog.

Photo: Radio Canada

The puppy was affected by giardia, a parasite whose name the breeder did not know. I was surprised, I admit, that he didn’t know that because he’s a dog breeder and [que] it is one of the most common parasites in puppies.

The breeder is François Gosselin-Girouard, owner of the Silver Labrador Kingdom, formerly located in Saint-Albert, but now established in Saint-Julien, a municipality near Thetford Mines. In an e-mail, he replied that he fuck the namethat knowing all the names of the parasites is not important.

A gray dog ​​is standing in front of a garden gate.

Buddy, Mélanie Bérubé’s Labrador.

Photo: Radio Canada

In an email he sent to us, he added that she was lying when she said her dog was near death and that it was her fault that her puppy was sick. Elle a donné la pire nourriture au monde. J’en suis pas responsable.”,”text”:”Elle a fait la pire chose, nous a-t-il dit lorsque nous nous sommes présentés chez l’éleveur. Ce qu’elle a fait le surlendemain, elle est allée chercher la nourriture croquettes chez le vétérinaire. Elle a donné la pire nourriture au monde. J’en suis pas responsable.”}}”>She did the worst thing, he told us when we showed up at the breeder. What she did two days later, she went to get the kibble food from the veterinarian. She gave the worst food in the world. I am not responsible for it.

Portrait of a man in front of the door of his house.

François Gosselin-Girouard, owner of the Silver Labrador Kingdom kennel.

Photo: Radio Canada

Veterinary care restored the dog to health, but it cost Mélanie Bérubé more than $1,000, which the breeder refused to pay. In the Small Claims Division, Judge Pierre Allen agreed with Ms. Bérubé. The puppy’s health issues surfaced within hours of taking possession. He sentenced the breeder to reimburse all the veterinary care, an amount he paid.

Flee as consumers!

François Gosselin-Girouard is unique in that he hands over his puppies without them being vaccinated. Vaccines are harmful to the health of his animals, he told us in a telephone conversation we had as a potential customer. % inutile. C’est même néfaste pour la santé. Donc, on ne vaccine pas les chiots avant leur départ, on est contre la maltraitance. Si on [donne] trois doses, bien il y a une augmentation de 300% de chances de cancer et d’allergies, donc c’est pas de la bonne “traitance”.”,”text”:”Nous, on se base sur les recherches scientifiques qui prouvent, comme chez les humains, [que] vacciner un chiot à huit semaines, c’est 100% inutile. C’est même néfaste pour la santé. Donc, on ne vaccine pas les chiots avant leur départ, on est contre la maltraitance. Si on [donne] trois doses, bien il y a une augmentation de 300% de chances de cancer et d’allergies, donc c’est pas de la bonne “traitance”.”}}”>We rely on scientific research which proves, as with humans, [que] vaccinating a puppy at eight weeks is 100% useless. It is even harmful to health. So we do not vaccinate the puppies before they leave, we are against mistreatment. If we [donne] three doses, well there’s a 300% increased chance of cancer and allergies, so it’s not good “treating”.

The president of the Order of Veterinary Physicians, Dr. Gaston Rioux, denounces this kind of remark. For a veterinarian, it’s shocking to hear that, that’s for sure. It does not give [pas] cancer, and of course, that [ne] not destroy an animal’s life. On the contrary, it is one of the stages in the animal’s life that will help it live longer.

Portrait of a man in a jacket.

Dr. Gaston Rioux, President of the Order of Veterinary Physicians of Quebec

Photo: Radio Canada

He only has one piece of advice for customers who are promised an unvaccinated puppy: Flee as consumers. It is a major risk. The only way to protect our animal is through vaccination.

MAPAQ closes its eyes

The Animal Welfare and Safety Act, a law passed in 2015, requires a breeder to have a license if they wish to have more than 15 dogs. He must apply for a permit before owning his animals. François Gosselin-Girouard has owned his since December 2020.

When MAPAQ officials traveled to Saint-Julien to the Silver Labrador Kingdom kennel in November 2020, the breeder had arrived from Saint-Albert, from where he had been expelled and sentenced under a municipal by-law (which prohibits this type of farming). He had also been the subject of a complaint to the ministry.

A farmhouse with several buildings.

The Silver Labrador Kingdom kennel is located in St-Julien, in the Chaudière-Appalaches region.

Photo: Radio Canada

During their inspection, ministry officials noted that the breeder owned between 24 and 26 dogs. Since he had more than 15 dogs, he was in violation, but the inspectors turned a blind eye.

Il devrait y avoir une sanction“,”text”:”Il devrait y avoir une sanction”}}”>There should be a penaltydeplores the professor and animal law lawyer, Alain Roy. On exige un permis pour posséder 15chiens, on se rend sur place et on constate qu’on a 25, 26chiens. C’est sûr qu’il y a une infraction. Et quand il y a infraction, normalement, il devrait y avoir conséquence“,”text”:”On exige un permis pour posséder 15chiens, on se rend sur place et on constate qu’on a 25, 26chiens. C’est sûr qu’il y a une infraction. Et quand il y a infraction, normalement, il devrait y avoir conséquence”}}”>A license is required to own 15 dogs, we go there and we see that we have 25, 26 dogs. Of course there is a violation. And when there is an infraction, normally there should be a consequence.

Shortcomings and requests for correction

During their visit, the inspectors noticed gaps in the kennel. We obtained the inspection report, under the Access to Information Act. We can read that all animals are healthy and very sociable, but many shortcomings are observed.

  • The design or construction of the enclosure is inadequate
  • No isolation space
  • No cleaning protocol, exercise
  • No pest control

Source: MAPAQ, inspection report, Silver Labrador Kingdom, 11/24/20

The inspectors draw up a list of seven requests for correction. Not only did the officials not impose any fines on him, but they also granted him a permit a month later, in December 2020, without even ensuring that these corrections had been made. However, by the breeder’s own admission, minor changes have been made.

Professor Alain Roy believes that this attitude is at the expense of animals. Animals pay for it.

Portrait of a man in a library.

Alain Roy, full professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal.

Photo: Radio Canada

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec, André Lamontagne, don’t want to pass judgment on what happened. The minister is walking on eggshells because, following our calls, inspectors returned to the scene and demanded that the breeder apply an intervention plan.

When we talk about cases such as you mentioned, these are really people who have limited awareness of the importance of taking certain corrective measures. But there, we have tools to have a gradation in the accompaniment, and ultimately sanctions. It can go as far as the withdrawal of animalssays the Minister.

Portrait of a man in a jacket and tie.

André Lamontagne, Quebec Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Photo: Radio Canada

That said, if we rely on the video images that the breeder has posted on his company’s Facebook page, he seems to have understood the message, because we see a new maternity unit whose cleanliness is impeccable.

A permit that sends a funny message

Last year, the number of inspections carried out by officials and their partners such as the Humane Society fell to 4,216, 3,000 less than the year the law was passed to guarantee the welfare animals. It’s very worryinglaunches Me Alain Roy. Do we believe in animal welfare? If so, it must be a government priority. Funds must follow [et] that we hire enough inspectors.

The professor wonders about the value of the license which was granted to the breeder of Labrador puppies, because, he says, it misleads the public.

They issue a permit, when they have noticed an infraction. The question we ask ourselves: “What does a permit mean?” I put myself in the shoes of the public. I arrive at a breeder who displays a permit issued by a government authority. Normally, I am entitled to think that this permit means something, that this permit is synonymous with compliance with the regulations and the law in terms of animal welfare. But this is not the case. So it’s a funny message that is sent to the general public. »

A quote from Alain Roy

Before issuing a permit, the ministry does not systematically inspect kennels. Inspection is not required or mandatory. The Minister of Agriculture considers that the permit has a great value, because it has the advantage of putting a name and an address on a breeder who, otherwise, would be tempted to remain clandestine. By giving him a permit right away, we come to tie him up, if we want, to be able to follow him, locate him.

Seven years after the adoption of the animal welfare and safety law, Me Alain Roy believes that little has changed. There is nothing, in fact, which makes it possible to believe in the real announced revolution. The Minister agrees that there is still work to be done. If we want to be effective [et qu’]we want to apply the law, then supervise it, what is the action plan? These are questions he asked his officials the day after he was sworn in as minister. We are waiting for the answers.

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