A puppy and his owner find an original way to wake up in the morning (video)

Why should we force ourselves to set an alarm clock every morning, when our 4-legged friends can do the job perfectly? Sean Sarantos has taken the plunge, and shares this trick in a YouTube video.

Sean and her puppy have an extraordinary complicity, as reported by the magazine AnimalChannel. Recently, the young man had trouble waking up in the morning, and started his days in a bad mood. He then had the idea of ​​seeking the help of his French Bulldog in order to improve his morning routine…

Instead of suffering an unpleasant noise in the wee hours of the morning, he has since found a much better way to start the day: waking up thanks to the hugs and little shoves of his puppy.

Illustration of the article: A puppy and his owner find an original way to wake up in the morning (video)

Poke My Heart / YouTube

And the doggie does not budge! He pushes his small body against his master’s chin, and even goes so far as to nibble his nose to make sure he’s awake. It’s as if the puppy was born for this job…

Waking up in joy and good humor is essential. We are sure that Sean never used a classic alarm clock again following the discovery of this precious ritual!

Chain Poke My Heart relayed these touching moments in a video Youtube, viewed by thousands of users. They seem to have been seduced by this revolutionary method…: “ If I had an alarm clock like this, I would be in a good mood every morning! », « How do you have a bad day when you wake up like this? “.

This video full of good vibes will perhaps give you the ambition to try the experience with your best 4-legged friend…

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