A police dog finds the trace of a missing 69-year-old hiker

The flair of a police dog made it possible to find the trace of a sexagenarian, lost in a forest, near a hamlet, in Saint-Jean-du-Gard (Gard). A few hours earlier, she had gone hiking with her husband, but had decided to return alone. Since then, her husband had no news. He alerted the police after dark.

The soldiers began difficult searches, “in very impractical and mountainous undergrowth”. It was finally Portal, a young German shepherd from the Gard gendarmerie, and his master, who made it possible to find the sixty-year-old. She was “completely disoriented, without water or food, at the foot of the rock of Escorces”, reports the gendarmerie, which specifies that it was “at that time 5 ° C”.

The dog handler carried the hiker, as exhausted as she was relieved, on his shoulders to lead her to her husband. The gendarmes of Gard specify on their Facebook page that the night falls early, in this season, and that one must be careful, before embarking on a hike, even a short one. Always remember to take “a small bag with some warm effects, supplies, a lamp, and a charged phone”.

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