A new start for Dory, a neglected and cachectic dog locked up on a balcony

The police intervened in a person who held his dog in appalling conditions, so that the life of the latter was in danger. The negligent owner was heard by the police and will have to answer to justice.

dory was narrowly saved by the police, while she was going through a real ordeal with her former owner. A story told by 100% Radio.

Originally, the police went to the master, a 24-year-old man living Turnsheet close to Toulouse, for acts of violence. What they discovered at his home shocked them.

The individual kept the Cane Corso/Griffon Bleu de Gascogne cross, which was extremely thin, on his 2 m2 balcony. Moreover, she evolved in the middle of her own dejections. dory was ” in a state of imminent death “.

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100% Radio

The animal was seized on the spot, then supported by the local association SPA ATPA Toulouse.

Besides the latter, The 4 Pattouneschaired by Police Captain Celine Gardel, also defended the dog and will be a civil party in this case. The former owner of dory will have to appear for abuse and acts of cruelty to animals after being referred to the prosecution on Tuesday 1er november.

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Dory is recovering and was even adopted!

The team of 4 Pattoons hopes to see the defendant condemned and to be the subject of a definitive ban on keeping animals. While in police custody, he said that the dog had to live outside and explained her thinness by illness, something that the veterinary services denied.

dory, she is doing much better since her rescue thanks to the care received. The other good news is that she was recently adopted, again according to 100% Radio. She can thus definitively draw a line under her painful past.


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