A new restaurant on Place Mossé, François Hollande at the Cypress… Our indiscretions of the week

The former President of the Republic, the socialist François Hollande, will be at the Le Cyprès bookstore in Nevers on Thursday November 3 to sign his latest book, Upheavalsfrom 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Its program includes a visit to the association Ville à Joie, whose head office is in Livry.

A sober prefect

The prefect of Nièvre, Daniel Barnier, had the “honors” of an article in the daily The world on the energy sobriety plan, which it launched in its services. Plan that applies to himself: he was seen in a pretty blue Zoé, a small electric car, during certain trips. “I believe in setting an example,” he told the Parisian journalist. Clearly, his actions match his words.

Christmas is felt in Nevers

Time is speeding up: 1 November is not yet over when Christmas “appears” in the shops and streets of Nevers. Lighting has begun to be installed, which will not be more numerous than last year, for the sake of savings. The shops are pushing Halloween towards the exit, to set up the decorations for the end of the year. The first organizations are being refined, such as the one that will be proposed, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 December, by fifteen traders in Place Saint-Sébastien. Its full program will be unveiled soon.

Never Nevers

It is a very cruel reflection still given to Nevers by Do you hear the eco??, in the program broadcast last Tuesday on France Culture. The subtitle left little doubt: “Splendours and miseries of Nevers”. The two invited academics were familiar with the subject and also underlined how much this decline is ultimately part of a long period, quite sealed off from successive political majorities.

A new restaurant on Place Mossé?

Without having been confirmed, the information spread widely in Nevers: the restaurateur Glen Markussen should take over the former Japanese restaurant, the Yuriko, place Mossé. This ideal location had whetted many appetites among professionals and entrepreneurs: it is therefore ultimately the owner of Comptoir Saint-Sébastien, Bistrot l’Olivier and Ma Bourgogne, who “wins the cup”. Work on Place Mossé has not yet been completed (and that of the Grand Monarque has not yet begun) but its new face is already taking shape: a friendly place facing the Loire with cafes, bars and restaurants.

Hair for a good cause

Alice Detollenare posted on social networks (Instagram and Facebook) a surprising video, apparently, this Friday. She completely changed the look of her companion Camille Lacourt. Sitting with his long hair, the five-time world swimming champion found himself, four minutes later, with the ball at zero. “It’s not a freak out, but a well-considered desire, which comes to close in a symbolic way, for us, this month of pink October”, comments the Nivernaise. Because the goal is, of course, to donate hair for wig manufacturers.

A sponsor for Isat

On Monday October 24, during the presentation of the six Nevers crews embarked on the E-Rally of Monte-Carlo, which joined the Principality of Monaco on Saturday evening, the Mayor of Nevers expressed a wish, that which Prince Albert of Monaco sponsors one of the promotions of Isat (Higher Institute of Automobile and Transport).

Mr Bettini also writes

We have known him as a singer and composer for at least fifty years. He is a fan of the little queen. And very soon, mid-November, you will be able to read his first novel I didn’t answer anything (102 Editions). Christian Bettini surrounded himself with friends for proofreading (Jim Roudier, also his editor, who wrote the foreword) and for the cover (Laurent Bonté, designer). The first pages promise the discovery of a beautiful pen!

Guédelon, to read

A book retracing 25 years of encounters and discoveries at the medieval site of Guédelon has just been published by Ouest France. It gives the floor to the “workers” of Guédelon, to historians, archaeologists and researchers so that they testify to their experience. With illustrations by Jean-Benoît Héron and photos by François Folcher, an early illustrator and photographer. Selling price: €17.50. 159 pages

Look for the message of hope

Published on the Facebook page of the Nevers agency from Center Journal, this photo raised some questions. But where was it taken? This tag is on one of the feet of the Loire bridge, in Nevers, accessible on foot, because the raft is still partly dry, on the side of the road to Lyon. Nevers, give up or Never give up, like never give up, never give up. We can see a message of hope from the author.

The prefect justifies himself for Ali

As part of the visit of the Secretary of State for Children Charlotte Caubel, Friday, the prefect of Nièvre, Daniel Barbier, returned to the expulsion of Ali in an aside with the departmental adviser in charge of Children , Michele Dardant. If he was justified by the four court decisions confirming the obligation to leave the territory, the prefect reminded the departmental councilor that this case is not a generality in the Nièvre: “In all security meetings which I attend, I don’t have any problem that goes back to UAMs (unaccompanied minors, editor’s note). I even have rather positive echoes of business leaders from Nivernais, in the trades in tension, who tell me they are very happy. It’s really case by case. »

” Hold on “

Nadia Sollogoub gave a speech on the consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on Thursday in the Senate. The senator from Nivernaise (Centrist Union) declared: “In this context of panic and maximum anguish of public opinion, there is a strong stake: to hold on. “Before emphasizing:” President Roux de Bézieux (NDLR Medef) said it a few days ago in Nevers: “French companies are suffering, but whatever the price to pay, Medef supports the sanctions, because moral values , ethics and philosophy are priceless. They are the prerequisite for an economic context that guarantees business stability”. »

River in the Morvan

Still a little patience. During November, Laurent Rivière’s new book, It’s your name (Black Toucan editions) will be available. A new adventure by Franck Bostik who, even if he is no longer a police officer, retains a taste for investigation. Those who love the Morvan and the pen of this writer will be served. Promised.


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