A musician plays a lullaby to a stray cat looking for a cozy nest (video)

While it is customary for Turks to come across stray cats in their daily lives, it is less common to find them sleeping in unlikely places. This was the case of a feline from the Istanbul metro, guided by the melody of a street musician. The sequence full of tenderness was broadcast on social networks.

A moving scene recently took place in the corridors of the metroIstanbulas reported The Dodo in June. While a street musician was playing curaa folk stringed instrument originating in Turkeya feline looking for the perfect place to take a nap came towards him.

The cat was not only attracted by the musical notes. What will really catch his eye is the case of the famous cura who was on the ground. It was the perfect place to sleep! In any case, it seemed so comfortable that the feline will decide to snuggle up in it, and let itself be gently lulled by the gentle melody of the musician.

A calm that contrasts with a bustling city

Alpa man who was also on the subway that day, immortalized the moment in a video posted on Reddit.

He didn’t want to disturb the feline, so he just discreetly took out his phone to film this precious moment. Alp enjoyed watching it, and the cat enjoyed being lulled amidst the hustle and bustle of the largest city in Turkey. There is no doubt: the furball must be on its little cloud…

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