A man who snatched a dog from the hands of his master sentenced by justice

A septuagenarian had one of his dogs stolen while he was walking them quietly in a park. The thief had to be found and arrested as quickly as possible to bring the canine to safety and return it to its master, from whom it had never been separated.

A dog has been found safe and sound by police after being stolen in front of its owner. His abductor was arrested and convicted soon after, reported Cambridgeshire Live.

The incident took place on Saturday, October 15 in downtown Peterboroughin the county of Cambridgeshire (East of England). A 71-year-old man was walking his 2 dogs, Jack Russell Terriers called george and Billin a park when the trio was approached by an individual.

The latter, in his thirties, displayed a friendly attitude towards the canines and their master. However, it was only a ruse to better surprise his victim. Claiming to be a dog lover, he started the chat and asked for the names of the quadrupeds.

He then knelt down and undid the leash from the harness. george, before running away with the animal. The unfortunate owner did try to chase him, but the thief was already far away, hiding the Jack Russell Terrier in his jacket.

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The rapid intervention of the police

He immediately called the police, who sent officers to the scene. It didn’t take long for them to track down the suspect, as they were able to locate him thanks to CCTV footage showing him giving pizza to george a few streets away.

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A little over an hour later, the thief was arrested. The dog, unharmed, was returned to its owner.

Identified as Aaron Grangerthe kidnapper appeared the following Monday before the Court of Magistrates of Peterborough. Having pleaded guilty, he was given an 8-week suspended prison sentence. He must also compensate the victim up to 50 pounds sterling, or approximately 58 euros.


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