A landaise launches into the manufacture of courses for cats

“ParcoursCat” in Dax was born in April 2021. Lisa Sirio, surrounded by cats, wanted to occupy her animals at home. She didn’t want a big cat tree, which takes up a lot of space. She thought about using the walls and her first creation is a 2.5 meter bridge. Lisa made it, took a picture of it, then shared her creation on social media. Many shares, comments and even orders followed. This is the beginning of the adventure. With her companion, Lisa offers her courses for sale on a platform.

I wanted my cats who now live indoors to have stimuli, to be able to exercise and develop their instincts.

For the courses, Lisa Sirio is inspired by geometric shapes, Z-shaped shelves. Everything is made of wood. The dacquoise keeps her cats inside, because she was traumatized by the loss of two of them, because of the road. Her cats now run home, along the wall. The courses cost between 25 and 300€.

Lisia Sirio with one of her cats, on one of the courses she designed.
Lisa Sirio
ParcoursCat's first indoor course
ParcoursCat’s first indoor course
Lisa Sirio

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