a hundred dogs evacuated from the breeding “A la Mâchoire en vigil”!

It is the effervescence this Monday morning on the side of the rue du Greffier, in Evregnies. Dozens of people and vehicles from all over Wallonia (Charleroi, Péruwelz, etc.) line up near the farm where the “A la Mâchoire en Veille” dog farm is held.

All those present responded to the call of the UBEA, the Animal Welfare Unit of the Public Service of Wallonia (SPW), whose mission is to research and record breaches of the applicable legislation on animal welfare. .

In the case of “A la Mâchoire en Veille”, still included on the SPW list of approved dog farms in June 2, 2022, the officials on site evoke “voluntary abandonment”. A hundred dogs were therefore evacuated from the establishment located in Evregnies (photos).

>> Here is why the owner would have decided to abandon the animals.

>> The farm had already been seized a few years ago…


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