A horse attacked by dogs in the Oise: “There was blood all along the road”

After the aggression of an exceptional colt by two big bites, Monday in the Vexin, the investigation could reserve some surprises.

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Outside of wildlife movies where a wildebeest gets eaten alive by a lion, I’ve never seen anything so horrible.
explains Antoine Lemonnier, manager of the Senots stud farm (Oise), near Chaumont-en-Vexin. Early Monday afternoon, Early, an exceptional 18-month-old foal, which he had boarded on behalf of a reputable breeder in Val-d’Oise, was attacked by two dogs. category 1, staffordshire or pit bull. Without a muzzle, the big bites had entered a pasture where there were two horses, including Early.


Long filmed by a surveillance camera, the scene ended in the courtyard of a neighboring house, in the absence of the owners, very shocked by what they saw on their return. If the second horse was able to hide, the yearling, trying to flee, found himself embedded in the gate of the house for nearly thirty minutes.

Seriously bitten, not to say devoured, without being able to get out of the trap, the colt with an estimated value of around 100,000 euros was hospitalized for a long time at the Maisons-Alfort veterinary clinic (Val-de-Marne). He was this Wednesday in a still worrying state.

A person holding public authority involved?

There was blood all along the road
“, relates Antoine Lemonnier, who was able to recover the animal after a combination of circumstances which remains to be established. ”
A simple accident, I would have accepted. It can happen. But trying not to be identified, I don’t agree
“, relates Romain Marquetté, owner of the thoroughbred dedicated to a great career in show jumping.

The sequence of the scene, which the gendarmes should now dissect, would indeed demonstrate that a person from an outside municipality, having a link with the dogs, did not seek to alert the emergency services. According to our information, it would be a person responsible for public authority, who is moreover cavalier.


We hear her calling the dogs, but she tries not to be seen, in any case she does nothing to save the horse she abandons dying
“, Estimates Romain Marquetté, who also received a testimony by text message which raises questions.

The owner first tried to file a complaint in Isle-Adam (Val-d’Oise), near his stud farm in Presles. ”
The gendarmes explained to me that it was not possible, because the law does not provide for anything in the criminal plan when it comes to an attack between animals. “ Romain Marquetté and Antoine Lemonnier then go to the gendarmes of Chaumont-en-Vexin (Oise), where this time a complaint is accepted for wandering of first category dogs. Pending possible legal action, the file must be presented to the insurance adjusters.

According to prosecutor Caroline Tharot, “
an investigation for wandering animals is opened, which will determine if the owner or owners are in good standing according to the category to which the dogs belong

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