A heroic puppy saved an adult dog from drowning in a pond

In recent years, videos of pet owners performing heroic acts to save their dog from danger have become increasingly common. Also, this time it was a Husky who prevented the death of his friend Golden Retriever.

An impressive recording has started circulating on the internet, showing two small dogs enjoying their day in the city of Kanchanaburi, in Thailand. As is usual in the area, the dogs came across a very muddy pond, and approached it.

That’s when one of the two dogs, the Golden Retriever, tried to get out of the water, but as the ground was slippery with mud, he just sank deeper and deeper. A situation that has become hopeless.

A heroic puppy saved an adult dog from drowning in a pond

Star, the husky pup, noticed the distress of his friend Singto, who couldn’t get out of the water on his own. At that moment, he intuitively decided to help the other dog, even though he was a puppy without as much strength as the Golden Retriever.

Star, with all the strength that he is able, tried to grab his friend by the scruff of the neck to help him out of the pond. Unfortunately, being lighter than Singto, the mission was almost impossible for him, even though he tried his best to save the dog.

At that moment, Jinda Pathumsutr, mistress of the two dogs, came to help Singto get to a flat area of ​​the pond so that Star could complete his rescue mission.

The emotional moment was recorded by the dog’s owner herself, who can be heard yelling at her to constantly support the Husky.

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