a Grenoble lawyer recounts the trial of the November 13 attacks.

Maître Hervé Gerbi, of the Grenoble bar, represented, in the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris, a couple from Grenoble.
This couple was seated that evening in one of the restaurants targeted by the terrorists. They saw their friend, with whom they were having dinner, die before their eyes, under the bullets of the commando. They emerged physically unscathed but psychologically marked forever.

The civil parties, at the heart of the V13 trial

Maitre Gerbi was one of the 350 lawyers, defense and civil parties, in this trial. He himself pleaded for about twenty minutes, the time allotted to each being limited. For him, there will be a before and after trial V13: “For the first time, an extraordinary place was given to the victims, to the presentation of their suffering. This helped refocus the focus of a criminal trial. A criminal trial is a sanction in the name of society, but society is also all the victims who came to testify at the bar. This word, deposit, has several meanings. We come to drop off something so that someone can do something else with it. This trial made it possible to say that the suffering of the victims was an integral part of a criminal trial.”


Maître Gerbi will also say, during his conference this evening, how deeply moving the testimony of the victims could have been for him, while specifying that he was not the only one to be moved, sometimes even the President of the Court himself. even, seemed touched by what he heard. “We always try to stay professional, but it’s not always easy. For example, I was touched by this young woman who had met a young man on an online application. It was the first time they had met. He saved her life, but died shaking her hand. It’s terrible, a budding love story that ends in such tragic circumstances!

The conference will be followed by a dinner. Entry price 32 euros.

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