A gramoun died following a dog attack in Saint-Paul

An 85-year-old gramoune was savagely attacked by a mastiff on Sunday, October 30, in the evening, in Saint-Paul. Seriously injured, she died. The Dogo Argentino type dog was shot.

A district of Bellemène is in shock in Saint-Paul. Sunday, October 30, around 5 p.m., a gramoune was savagely attacked by a mastiff.

The dog jumped on the 85-year-old lady. Seriously injured, the gramoune died of her injuries.

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Strong emotion after a fatal dog attack in Bellemène, in Saint-Paul. 85-year-old gramoune died after being brutally attacked by a hound

The Dogo Argentino type mastiff attacked the hens of the gramoune. Wanting to protect them, the woman was savagely bitten on the neck, skull and face. The dog bit his arm badly.

The family called the emergency services. The gendarmes arrived first, followed by the firefighters. The dog being again threatening, he was shot by the gendarmes.

The victim was taken to Saint-Denis University Hospital where she died of her injuries.

The dog would belong to the family. An investigation is opened. She was entrusted to the gendarmerie of Saint-Paul.

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