a flying scooter available for sale next year in the United States?



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Flying scooters could be on the market as early as next year in the United States. The machine has just been presented at a motor show. But its use should not be allowed to the general public.

Until now, to go to work or go shopping, the scooter was one of the most agile and practical machines. Tomorrow, it may give way to the flying scooter, which has just been presented at the Detroit Congress, the American equivalent of the Motor Show. It’s called the X-Turismo, can fly for 40 minutes and reach 100km/h. Some of its propellers run on gasoline. The stabilizers are electric. The director of the Salon was able to try it. “It’s a mix between Star Wars and James Bond“, he says.

Presented as the first flying motorcycle, the X-Turismo is manufactured by a Japanese company. It should be available for sale in the United States next year, at a price of 770,000 euros. For the time being, it is still controlled remotely, by remote control, while potential users obtain the necessary patent and authorization. The use of these machines will be far from being general public.

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