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Alina and her team of volunteers have rescued many abandoned animals from the streets.

A cat that is skin and bones

Recently, Alina spotted a stray cat on the street. With her rescue team, they were able to get the cat to safety and placed her in foster care.

The poor cat had serious stomach problems and was extremely skinny. She weighed only 2.5 kg.

For her first warm night, the cat fell asleep with a full belly in the comfort of a soft bed, trying to catch up on lost sleep.

A sudden change

Over the next few weeks, the cat regained her health and gained 1.3 kilograms.

Alina had the reflex to check for signs of pregnancy.

It was there that the rescuer discovered that the cat had had her babies in her belly all this time. She surprised everyone by gaining weight in just 1 month.

The cat was completely relaxed, knowing she was in good hands. She spent most of her time eating and sleeping.

On September 23, she gave birth to six healthy kittens. She turned out to be an amazing cat mom and the kittens are growing very well!

When they are old enough, they will be offered for adoption as well as their mother.

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