A fake tax lawyer would have defrauded 250 victims for 650,000 euros

Two alleged victims of the false expert are being asked for 60,000 euros. Illustration (Pixabay / AJEL)

A 44-year-old man is said to have defrauded more than 250 victims of nearly 650,000 euros in six years by posing as a tax lawyer. He was arrested and indicted last February and collective proceedings should soon be launched against him. Two of his potential victims, defrauded of more than 60,000 euros, recently gave their testimony.

A couple from the suburbs of Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) would be among the 260 victims of a 44-year-old man, a doctoral student at the faculty of Pau, who claimed to be a tax lawyer, reports

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. Due to the bad declarations of this false expert, the taxes demanded more than 60,000 euros from them. The scammer has since been arrested and charged, and the investigation into him is still ongoing.

A convincing scammer

At the time, in 2018, the couple had sought the services of a tax lawyer because they had acquired several apartments. By word of mouth, they had then learned of this alleged expert, who claimed to have worked for the Ministry of the Economy.

At their home, the man had quickly shown his skills.

“He did the tax return in front of us. We had no idea, he seemed so sure of himself.

said the husband. The couple thus trusted him several times for his declarations of 2019 and 2020 and had been exempt from tax. In exchange, the expert had been paid 1,200 euros per year.

An ace of manipulation

But in 2021, the couple had finally been contacted by the tax authorities. The statements were false and the two people cheated had to repay more than 65,000 euros. Forced to pay this sum, they had to sell goods and empty their savings.

In total, this scammer would have made 260 victims, 170 of them filed a complaint. The investigation by the gendarmerie’s research brigade revealed that the man allegedly scammed nearly 650,000 euros in six years. On the tax side, the damage would be even greater. Ace of manipulation, the man would have passed himself off as a person with a disability. Placed in police custody last February, he admitted the facts. Collective proceedings should soon be launched against him.


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