A dog waits for his mistress at the window for 10 hours after being left alone at home

Pi Dan (known as “Naughty”), is a charming one-year-old Border Collie dog, who lives in the city of Shenyang, in northeast China, with his owner, known as Zhang. The woman documented her dog’s daily life on Douyin, the Chinese TikTok.

Ms. Zhang knew that her dog often waited by the window when she left for work, even taking a nap right there and still waiting. Yet she never imagined that he would stay up for so many hours staring out the window waiting for her to come back.

She said watching the video broke her heart, but she can’t do anything when she has to leave for work.

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She told the Daily Mail:

“It broke my heart to see these images. But I have no other way. »

A dog waits for his mistress at the window for 10 hours

Ms. Zhang also said her nine-to-five office job gave her the financial stability she needed, but cut into the time she could spend with her pet.

Ms. Zhang added:

“I do my best to take him to play everywhere during weekends and holidays. I also considered getting another dog, but I was afraid both were waiting for me. It would break my heart even more. »

© DOUYIN/125587963

He waits for his mistress for 10 hours at the window, hoping to see her return. When he finally sees her return at the end of the afternoon, he jumps up and runs towards the door, happy to welcome her.

Sean O’Hara, Professor of Wildlife Cognition and Behavior at the University of Salford, told LadBible in an interview:

“Dogs have experienced this form of social life for a much shorter period of their evolutionary history than ours. Therefore, social isolation is often problematic for them and they may experience separation anxiety.”

After seeing the scene on her home’s security camera, the woman decided to share her dog’s expectation on social media. Comments poured inand people were amazed by Naughty’s loyalty.

It is certain that during the difficult times when teleworking dominated because of the COVID -19 pandemic, our animals were much happier to have their loved ones at home with them at all times.

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