A dog took the stage at a concert and was greeted with applause

Dogs are extremely curious animals, so it’s not uncommon for one of them to investigate when their sense of smell picks up something or they hear a sound that somehow attracts them. . They follow just their instincts.

Sometimes that same curiosity can lead them to get into trouble or even earn the respect of many, as was the case with this dog at the Funka Fest music festival, held in the city of Guayaquil, in Ecuador.

A dog took the stage at a concert and was greeted with applause

This dog appeared out of nowhere on the stage as the audience waited for the next performer to enter the stage. Everyone was amazed to see this dog come out of the service staircase and they greeted him with shouts and applause, as if he were a singer like the others.

It can be seen in a video shared on the social network TikTok by user Gabriel Concha (@gabriel_concha_), who attended the concert and managed to capture this touching moment when the dog enters the stage. “Well done dog” comments Concha. “We all came for him, obviously,” he added.

It didn’t take long for the video, which is just 9 seconds long, to go viral on social media across Latin America as many were both moved and touched by what the canine did. The video already has 5,100,000 views, 731,000 likes and some 4,500 comments, with many people celebrating the dog’s action.

“He deserves it for his career, a real and complete artist”, a user commented on the post. “This is how we should treat all the dogs in the world”said another, and a third person added that “This dog is very humble, he goes down with the fans to greet them”. It is already a fact that this canine has fans in Ecuador.

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